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United States
Current Residence: Gainesville, Florida
Favourite genre of music: Heavy Metal, Trip Hop, Reggae, classical, rock, Ska, J-rock, techno, and instrumental.
Favourite photographer: Robert Doisneau
Favourite style of art: Still Life
Operating System: XP
Favourite cartoon character: lol
Personal Quote: If you cant beat them stab them in the back under cover of darkness.

Devious Journal Entry

Sun Aug 6, 2006, 11:40 AM
My Old Gallery…


Tagged by :icontackzx:

01) First name: Rachel
02) Your nickname: Nintai
03) Birthday! December 27th, 1983
04) Horoscope sign: Capricorn
05) Birth town: Gainesville, Florida
06) Religion: Christian
07) Nationality: American
08) Parents: Ariel, Michael
09) Do you love them: Very much so
10) Brothers or sisters: Michael, Thomas, Cherri
11) Do you like the place where you live: Yes
13) Color of your eyes: Light Blue
14) Height: 5ft 8
15) Weight: 139 but that changes
16) What school/grade are you going to: Working
17) What marks do you have: No comment
18) Do you work anywhere: A satellite installation company
19) What do you want to be in your life: retired lol
20) Your life style: Loner, easy going
21) Personal quote: Sorry!
22) Lucky number: 6, 9, 13
23) What are you interested in: Family, friends, anime/manga, guns and sharpshooting.
24) Good side of your character: Generous, loyal and friendly.
25) Bad side of it: Highly vindictive and devious if betrayed
26) Is your life happy: Only when I am not at work.
27) Do you think that you are crazy: I know I am crazy but it's a self destructive kind of crazy...not tear up paper in the dark crazy lol.
28) What is the time: 2:14 PM
29) What is the date: 8/6/2006
30) What's the weather like: lower 90's, partly cloudy, 30% chance of rain, winds at 14 mph out of the NE.
31) Favorite day in a week: Saturday
32) Favorite music: All of it lol
33) Singer: Bob Marley
34) Band: Sublime
35) Song: Mine fields
36) Best concert you have been: Probably something at the Alachua county music harvest a long ass time ago lol.
37) Actress: Uma Thurman
38) Actor: Johnny Depp
39) Film: Pulp Fiction,
40) TV serial: The Shield
41) Theatre play: Les Miserables
42) Film director: Quentin Tarantino
43) Do you want to be famous: Hell no
44) Do you want to be an actor/actress:  Heck no
45) Do you want to be a singer: ....not if my life depended on it.
46) Book: Treasure Island
47) Colour: Green/Red
48) Flower: Cherry Blossom
49) Food: Asparagus
50) Drink: Ice Tea
51) Sweet: not normally
52) Fruit: Orange

53) The worst food:
54) Drink: Smoothies
55) Singer: Brittney Spears
56) Band: N Sync or any other boy band
57) Actor: One of the Sheans rofl
58) Actress: Britney Spears
59) Movie: Syriana
60) book: I don't read bad books. I just toss em.

61) Do you drink alcohol: rarely
62) Do you smoke: yep
63) Do you take some drugs (and what): I smoke weed and nothing else
64) What do you adore to wear: I lovvvvve kimonos!
65) Do you think that you are pretty: Yes
66) What languages do you speak: English with a pretty good understanding of Japanese spoken not written. Some french if I am not stoned lol.
67) The most beautiful person you have ever seen/male: Probably this super hot guy Molly-chan sent me a pic of a few days ago.…
68) The most beautiful person you have ever seen/female: ...
69) The most beautiful person on DA/male: All of my male friends
70) The most beautiful person on DA/female: All of my female friends
71) 5 of your best friends on DA/male: That would be rude because I love all of my friends
72) 5 of your best friends on DA/female: ...
73) The ugliest person on DA/male: WTF?
74) The ugliest person on DA/female: So rude...
75) The person on DA who you love the most/female: ...
76) The person on DA who you love the most/male: ...
77) The person on DA who you don't like at all/female: ...
78) The person on DA who you don't like at all/male: I don't pick and choose. If you are one my friends list I like.
79) Are you in love: no
80) Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend: no
81) How does he/she looks like:
82) Is he/she from DA(put avatar):
83) When was your Very First Kiss: Cant remember
84) How was it: ?
85) Are you virgin: no
86) Do you have cell phone: yep
87) E-mail address:
88) Do you have something against gays: Nope
89) The best experience in your life: When I found God
90) The worst experience in your life: When I strayed from God
91) When were you the happiest: Around the age of 13...when my whole family was together.
92) When were you the most scared: When my ex decided he was going to kill us both in a nasty car crash.
93) When were you the saddest: Any time I lose a loved one.
94) Who do you want to go on deserted island with: A gun so I can kill my self
95) Do you have a secret: Many
96) What would you do if you were invisible for one hour: Assassinate someone who deserved it.
97) Who do you want to get stuck in a lift with: I don't know...some hot guy.
98) Do you have an idol: Jesus
99) If world goes to apocalypse, and you can save only one person, who will be that:  My nephew
100) Tag 5 of your friends!!! Sorry but I dont have the heart to tag anyone right now...

My Friends</em>

:iconserielle: :iconlinkzone: :iconpunkoala666: :iconth0mas610: :iconscuzme: :iconmolly4024: :icontackzx: :iconukestalker: :iconbelladonna-d: :icondarkly-shaded-shadow: :iconhishiro-kuu: :iconfroda-stoney: :iconkrish-kuy:

Clubs I'm a part of</em>

:iconclub-marijuana: :iconkottonmouthkingdom: :iconmanga-club: :iconcolormeclub:Samurai Champloo Boondocks Evangelion Ghost In The Shell Inuyasha Lupin The Third Ninja Scroll Orochimaru Abel and Tres Bleach Cowboy Bebop Dragon Ball Z Esther Blanchett Naruto Trinity Blood Danzig Kill Bill Final FantasyTenchu Yaoi Trigun Ninja The Pillows Vampire Kimono Sakura Kishimoto Kubotite Jiraiya Trinity Blood-Fanclub
  • Listening to: Many
  • Watching: Still want to see Pirates 2...


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